Monday, November 17, 2008

Loving Life!

Well Nick and I got back at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday morning from a quick trip to OKC! Nick's friend Sully got married there on Saturday. We rushed out of town friday to meet Emily and Austin in Alma and headed west.

It was the greatest weekend. Friday we made it to the rehearsal dinner and we were able to catch up with the Rainwaters. We all headed back to the hotel but the boys went to play poker and the ladies watched animal planet. Random, I know, but we were all into it.

All three couples were able to hang out on Saturday and it was such fun! When the boys headed to the church us girls went to the OKC Bombing Memorial. I have wanted to see this for years, as I remember it happening in 1995. It was such a neat experience.

The wedding was great and although it was Sully & Ashley's weekend I left feeling like it had been mine :)

It is such a blessing that Nick has such wonderful friends. I am so thankful that I love their wives so much. I can't wait to continue making memories with these great friends.

What do ya think girls....summer reunion trip to the beach??? Let's start planning.

pictures to come


David and Rachel said...

I definitely think that a beach trip would be appropriate. We are so lucky to have such good friends that we love hanging out with and get along with so well! I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Emily said... tell me when and where. You know I'm down. Love Love Love!!