Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Silas' First Easter (4/20/14)
Easter was a little late this year which made for nice weather.  I love Easter at our church! The staff and worship team work hard to create a special celebration.  It is always a great reminder of the power of the resurrection.  After church we went to Nick's mom's house and my family came too.  We had a great lunch and then hunted eggs in the front yard.  It was a great day!

My 28th Birthday (4/25/14)
I feel like my birthday celebrations went on for more than a week this year.  I felt very loved by all those around me...friends, coworkers, community group, family, and Nick.  Nick treated me to dinner at Venetian Inn and some shopping money.  What a treat!  We also went over to the Buffalo River with my family to celebrate my bday.  Nick, Lauren, Dad and I floated while mom kept Silas.  It was a fun day!

Mother's Day / Silas' Baby Dedication (5/11/14)
Not only was this year my first official Mother's Day, but we also got to dedicate Silas at church.  We had a very special day.  We committed to raise Silas in a Godly/Christian home.  Our family and church family also committed to supporting us in this.  I'm so thankful to be Silas' momma.  He is a joy and he's made my dreams of being a momma come true! Brad and Sarah were in town this weekend too.  It was so fun having the boys together.  (I haven't uploaded all the other pics yet...this was the only one on my phone)

9 & 10 Months

On April 9th Silas turned 9 months. I quickly realized how fun that age is.  Silas started dancing about this fun.  He had 4 thee with two more coming in.  

Silas ended up getting tubes put in his ears on 4/29/14.  He had his 6th ear infection and the doc said that was enough.  The procedure went really well and super fast.  Silas did great and bounced right back to normal when we got home.  We checked in at 7am and we were leaving by 9am.  The doc said his ears were full of "paste" which confirmed out choice for tubes.  Hooray for no more ear infections!

Silas became an official crawler at 9 months too.  He had been army crawling and scooting, but he finally got up on all fours.

He also started pulling up on EVERYTHING right after his tubes.  I think his hearing and his balance were dramatically better.  He started jabbering instead of just saying dada. 

At 10 months Silas has 6 teeth and weighs about 26lbs.  He continues to be BIG for his age.  He is SO heavy to carry around.  He wears all 18 or 24 month and size 5 diapers.  We love our big boy. 


Thursday, April 3, 2014

More milestones!

Silas started clapping at about 7 months 

Just started standing in the last few weeks. He loves being big! He is even cruising a bit and taking a few steps while holding things. He loves his walker too.

Just in the past week or so he started waving. So sweet!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Big week!

Saying "dada"
Silas starting saying dada. We don't think he realizes what he saying but it sure is cute! 

His teacher sent me a message on 3/18 that Silas started crawling while at school. It's more of a scoot but he's getting faster and more mobile. Eek! 

Two front teeth on top came through. Finally! Still drooling all the time. He's now figured out how to take off his bib too. He's a wet mess most of the time.

Started eating yougurt and some finger foods. He loves all food! The yogurt is his new morning snack.

First overnight trip away for mom and dad. Nick and I went to big cedar while our moms traded off keeping Silas. It was a great weekend for everyone! We missed Silas but we didn't worry and it was the perfect amount of time away. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Months 7 and 8

Stats from 8 months!
Loves to sit up
Loves to clap
Loves to hear his daddy sing
Loves to stand (assisted) 
Sometimes waves at us
Wants to crawl but can't make it more than one arm or leg at a time
Rocks on all fours and pivots non stop
Eats 4 times a day unless at daycare (5x)
Loves all food. Still eats mostly baby food
Has a new sound that sounds like a dolphin 
Chuckles like a fat old man
4 ear infections so far
2 teeth but working on 4 more
Thick light brown hair
29 inches


The doctor heard a heart murmur at silas' 6 month well check. I was kind of shocked because no one had mentioned it before. Evidently heart murmurs can develop at any point. I wasn't super worried until I mentioned his poor circulation...then the doc seemed a little concerned. We immediately scheduled an echocardiogram at the children's hospital clinic in Lowell. Thankfully they got us in within a few days. We spent those days praying for good results. 

The procedure itself went okay. We had to feed Silas two bottles to keep him still and content. 

We were so so thankful to get immediate results. It's so cool that a doc in little rock is reading the scan as it is happening. He called after the scan to inform us that Silas had a normal flow murmur and we had nothing to worry about. Praise God!

We've been through a lot in his first year of life. 

Months 5 and 6

I hate to say this, but life moves so fast with a baby that it becomes hard to remember the details.  I really can't remember too many specifics and what happened when.  Sooo...I would love to become more consistent at documenting our little guy's life. 

Silas turned 5 months on December 9th.  It was a busy month, but it started out with a week of snow days!  Nick didn't want having a baby to keep us at home on the first big snow day.  Being the awesome parents that we are we just took him out with us.  We took turns sledding with friends and one of us would sit in the car with him.  Yes- we are crazy!

We ended the month with Christmas break and Silas' first Christmas.  We went to Texarkana this year and it will probably be the last year for travel.  Silas was congested and traveling with a baby is just challenging. 

I do know that Silas got his first tooth on December 30th (Pappy's bday).  This is also the day he sat up by himself for the first time.  His 2nd tooth followed a few days later.  Teething is a way bigger deal than I realized.  LOTS of drool.  LOTS of tears. 

The month flew by and before we knew it Silas was 6 months old.  I feel like 6 months is really when we turned a corner.  I think Silas loves being able to sit up and play with his toys.  He laughs so much more and we have lots of happy moments.  He is so fun to watch learn and grow.  He still has his difficult moments, but we just roll with it. 

Here are a few stats I did jot down on my phone a while back....
Eats 5 times a day 32oz total @ 7,10,1,4,7
Sleeps from 7pm to 7am MOST of the time
No nap schedule because he doesn't nap well...usually 3-4 short naps
East baby food at dinner - loves all veggies except carrots...started fruit at about 7 months
Holds his own bottle 100% of the time now
Rolls over and sits up
20lbs at 6months
wearing 6-12 month clothes
just moved to size 4 diaper
2 ear infections so far...(now has had 4 @ 8 months)
Silas LOVES his jumparoo, giggling at daddy, and Mallie

Here are some pics from 5-6 months: