Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Big week!

Saying "dada"
Silas starting saying dada. We don't think he realizes what he saying but it sure is cute! 

His teacher sent me a message on 3/18 that Silas started crawling while at school. It's more of a scoot but he's getting faster and more mobile. Eek! 

Two front teeth on top came through. Finally! Still drooling all the time. He's now figured out how to take off his bib too. He's a wet mess most of the time.

Started eating yougurt and some finger foods. He loves all food! The yogurt is his new morning snack.

First overnight trip away for mom and dad. Nick and I went to big cedar while our moms traded off keeping Silas. It was a great weekend for everyone! We missed Silas but we didn't worry and it was the perfect amount of time away. 

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