Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everything changes...

Well after months of not posting I decided that our busy life definitely needs to be recorded. Sometimes I can't remember what happened yesterday so I definitely won't remember what happened months ago.

Nick and I have had a year FULL of change...graduating, new jobs, marriage, living together, being "big kids"...and it only seemed logical that our next step would be to buy a house. This was a bitter-sweet decision. We just LOVE our apartment and having a mortgage just seems scary, but everyone kept saying "it's a great time to buy." So we DID! We close a week from tomorrow on the 30th. I am sad to leave "our first place" but excited to have "our first home."

The Lord has blessed our journey of buying a house every step of the way...from a drop in the list price to a great interest rate...the house even appraised for $22,ooo more than we will pay for it! Thank you, Lord!!!

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