Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poor Nick!

Okay so Nick has been talking about his 1st business trip for months. His company has a warehouse partner near Dallas and they have been trying to make a trip down there for a while. Finally, at 4:45 Tuesday morning he and his co-workers headed to Texas for this long awaited business trip. After an icy drive there they were able to get to work. I kept telling him to eat at Chuy's last night, because I had been there with friends and it was great. They had never heard of it, but they decided to eat at a different mexican restaurant. Nick called last night and said he wasn't feeling well. I thought oh man that's too bad...not much sympathy here. After all, if he wanted to be taken care of he should have invited me on the trip. :) Well I just got off the phone with him and he was up all night throwing up and well the other stuff too. :( Bless his little heart. I feel so bad...he had to stay home sick on the last day of their trip! I am so ready for him to be home...that is the worst feeling when you are sick and can't even be in your own bed. Pray that he feels better and makes it home safe!

He said he was reminded last night of what it was like when we were dating. So hard to be apart and not get to be together all the time...I am so thankful for such a loving husband. Married life is hard but soooo great!


David and Rachel said...

I love reading your blog! It's great to be able to read up on all ya'll have going on.

Tim Bates said...

Wow...I find it hard to believe that in your early stages of married life you haven't done anything in 3 months that is blog worthy!!! We'd love to hear how things are coming.

Tim and Emily Bates
"The roads are bigger in Texas"