Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Well it is still hard for me to believe, but it is 2010...and now almost Feb 2010. Time really does seem to fly by these days. Before I start updating on 2010 I really feel like I need to recap 2009. (in bullet points of course) It seems like these past few years have been full of change. In 2008 we graduated college, got grown up jobs, and got married. Let's see if I can remember all the exciting happenings and changes of 2009.

- Started looking for houses
- Joined our BFs Mikki and Sean on their wedding day
- Bought a house
- Moved to Rogers
- Had a fun reunion with Nick's college roomies...i just LOVE their wives
- Celebrated Nick's Birthday in Tulsa
- Celebrated our 1 year anniversary in St. Louis
- Went to Destin (my all time fav place) with BOTH of our families
- Nick started as a leader at Life Hearts God Heals
- Moved my baby sister into her freshmand dorm
- My sister and I became Kappa sisters
- I took over as Exec. Director for Loving Choices (huge transition for me)
- Loving Choices had the most successful banquet ever...Yeah God!
- Made a fun weekend trip to Chicago to see Mikki and Sean
- Celebrated my brother's engagement in excited for Sarah to join the family
- Nick got to go on some amazing duck hunting trips...which HE loved
- Had a great semester with our community group...which somehow the church lets us facilitate
- Celebrated Christmas with both sets of parents, together at our new house, and with my family in Texarkana

Wow! what a year! I have really enjoyed my new job and I finally feel like I am settling into my role. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to lead such an awesome ministry/organization. NIck has really enjoyed duck hunting this year. All the gear and the constant duck calling can be annoying, but it is so fun to see how much he loves it. He is so passionate about everything he does! We are still learning how to be married and be grown ups. Some days are challenging due to the busyness of life, but it is still so fun to be married. I feel like our biggest challenge is being intentional with our time together.

I look forward to what God has planned for us in 2010. Hopefully I can do better recording it all on here!

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Ashley said...

my name is Ashley Miller (Robbins), I'm married to Stephanie Qualls' brother Hal, and I went to school in Conway and did K-Life. Don't know if you know who I am or not, but I have stumbled upon your blog from Steph's blog and noticed you and your husband lead a community group in Rogers.....I was wondering what church it is through bc my brother & his wife go to Fellowship and are looking for a group right now in rogers....also noticed your husband loves to duck hunt and so does my brother, they are searching for some great Christian friends right now....if you wouldn't mind, my email is, would love to chat with you if you have a minute!