Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Go Hogs Go!

Labor Day weekend was the first Razorback game.  Nick and I don't have tickets, but we did tailgate with the Cashion's and the Rainwater's...thanks guys!  It was so fun to see the Bell's and the Rainwater's.  We had fun catching up and getting ready to cheer on the Hogs!
The boys at their old house...325!
We went back to my parents house to watch the game...It was so fun to get some quality family time with Brad and Sarah in town.
My cousin Claire moved up here for school.  It is so fun to see her on a regular basis.  Plus we get to see her whole fam when they come up for games.  We love the Greg Ashby family!
 We watched the 2nd razorback game with Brian and Jessica.  No pics, but it was fun to cook and hang out together while watching the game.  We have to mooch off friends and family until we get cable again.

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