Friday, January 24, 2014

Months 3 and 4

Everyone told us that when Silas turned 3 months old we would turn a corner and he wouldn't be so difficult.  Well....we didn't find that to be true.  He would make a liar out of us and be totally chill when we were out and about or with friends and family, but he was still fussy a lot of the time.  It went from stomach issues to napping/sleeping issues.  Not being able to soothe and calm your baby is possible the most frustrating thing ever.  However, during these months Silas became so much more fun when he wasn't fussing.  He started smiling and talking a lot more.  He started interacting more and playing with his toys.  He was introduced to his favorite thing ever...his jumparoo!

Silas continued to grow in these months too.  He was 18lbs at his 4 month check up! I think he was 26 inches too.  He LOVES to eat and gets excited/anxious/impatient when he knows you're making a bottle.  The wheels come off when he sees it. ha! At 3 and 4 months he was still eating about 6 times a day.  He was sleeping through the night most nights, but it was right at Thanksgiving when we let him start crying it out...I think right after his 4 month check up.  Silas always cries when we lay him down to sleep, but we quit getting up with him in the middle of the night at 4 months.  It took 4-5 nights and he started sleeping through the night.  PTL!

We also took our first road trip during this time.  We surprised my brother for his 30th bday and spent the weekend with him and his fam in Austin.  This was such a sweet trip. Not only to I get to spend time with Brad and Sarah, but I got to meet my precious nephew, Liam.  He and Silas are two months apart in age.  We had a short but sweet trip. 

Silas was a Ninja turtle for his first Halloween.  :) We went to daddy's football game instead of trick or treating.

4 Months!
1st Road Trip - Austin, TX  -  Happy 30th Bubs!
Silas loved his first Thanksgiving.  He got to meet two of his great aunts for the first time.  Grauntie Georgie came from Texas and his Great Aunt Bonnie was here from Chicago.  



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