Sunday, March 16, 2014

Months 5 and 6

I hate to say this, but life moves so fast with a baby that it becomes hard to remember the details.  I really can't remember too many specifics and what happened when.  Sooo...I would love to become more consistent at documenting our little guy's life. 

Silas turned 5 months on December 9th.  It was a busy month, but it started out with a week of snow days!  Nick didn't want having a baby to keep us at home on the first big snow day.  Being the awesome parents that we are we just took him out with us.  We took turns sledding with friends and one of us would sit in the car with him.  Yes- we are crazy!

We ended the month with Christmas break and Silas' first Christmas.  We went to Texarkana this year and it will probably be the last year for travel.  Silas was congested and traveling with a baby is just challenging. 

I do know that Silas got his first tooth on December 30th (Pappy's bday).  This is also the day he sat up by himself for the first time.  His 2nd tooth followed a few days later.  Teething is a way bigger deal than I realized.  LOTS of drool.  LOTS of tears. 

The month flew by and before we knew it Silas was 6 months old.  I feel like 6 months is really when we turned a corner.  I think Silas loves being able to sit up and play with his toys.  He laughs so much more and we have lots of happy moments.  He is so fun to watch learn and grow.  He still has his difficult moments, but we just roll with it. 

Here are a few stats I did jot down on my phone a while back....
Eats 5 times a day 32oz total @ 7,10,1,4,7
Sleeps from 7pm to 7am MOST of the time
No nap schedule because he doesn't nap well...usually 3-4 short naps
East baby food at dinner - loves all veggies except carrots...started fruit at about 7 months
Holds his own bottle 100% of the time now
Rolls over and sits up
20lbs at 6months
wearing 6-12 month clothes
just moved to size 4 diaper
2 ear infections so far...(now has had 4 @ 8 months)
Silas LOVES his jumparoo, giggling at daddy, and Mallie

Here are some pics from 5-6 months:


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