Sunday, March 16, 2014


The doctor heard a heart murmur at silas' 6 month well check. I was kind of shocked because no one had mentioned it before. Evidently heart murmurs can develop at any point. I wasn't super worried until I mentioned his poor circulation...then the doc seemed a little concerned. We immediately scheduled an echocardiogram at the children's hospital clinic in Lowell. Thankfully they got us in within a few days. We spent those days praying for good results. 

The procedure itself went okay. We had to feed Silas two bottles to keep him still and content. 

We were so so thankful to get immediate results. It's so cool that a doc in little rock is reading the scan as it is happening. He called after the scan to inform us that Silas had a normal flow murmur and we had nothing to worry about. Praise God!

We've been through a lot in his first year of life. 

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