Wednesday, May 28, 2014

9 & 10 Months

On April 9th Silas turned 9 months. I quickly realized how fun that age is.  Silas started dancing about this fun.  He had 4 thee with two more coming in.  

Silas ended up getting tubes put in his ears on 4/29/14.  He had his 6th ear infection and the doc said that was enough.  The procedure went really well and super fast.  Silas did great and bounced right back to normal when we got home.  We checked in at 7am and we were leaving by 9am.  The doc said his ears were full of "paste" which confirmed out choice for tubes.  Hooray for no more ear infections!

Silas became an official crawler at 9 months too.  He had been army crawling and scooting, but he finally got up on all fours.

He also started pulling up on EVERYTHING right after his tubes.  I think his hearing and his balance were dramatically better.  He started jabbering instead of just saying dada. 

At 10 months Silas has 6 teeth and weighs about 26lbs.  He continues to be BIG for his age.  He is SO heavy to carry around.  He wears all 18 or 24 month and size 5 diapers.  We love our big boy. 


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