Thursday, July 16, 2009

Redneck Yacht Club

Yeah, that's right! We were definitely the rednecks on the lake last weekend.  I am still not sure why we didn't get a pic of the glorious yacht we took out on Beaver Lake.  The guy should have given us the boat for the price of the rental.  It was that bad.  We didn't care though...we had great company and great weather.  That was all that mattered.  The Bells and the Rainwaters made it in Friday evening and we had a wonderful night catching up with them and the Leis family.  Then on Saturday we met up with the Sullivans for a day on the lake and grilled out Saturday night.  It was a WONDERFUL 325 reunion weekend.  It is so fun for us girls to see our husbands laugh and talk about all the memories they have together.  We are so blessed to have a group of wives that get along as well.  It is SO fun to be in the same life stage as all our friends! 

325 @ it's finest!
The Ladies
The Bells
The Rainwaters
The Sullivans
Our captain...David Rainwater...You did great!
My husband...OOC (out of control)

So the friendly gentleman who took this pic said as he was handing me the camera after he snapped it "I am not the kind of guy who takes two pictures just to be sure." hmm...Maybe he should start!
We decided to set our self-timer for the next one. ha! 
The boys
DR (aka handyman) helping Nick fix our blinds. 

The Bells, The Rhoads, and the Rainwaters all on our new couch...we ALL fit! ha!

Little man was definitely past his bedtime, but he was a trooper!

What a great weekend!  It was so refreshing to be around such great friends.  We had a blast!

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David and Rachel said...

What a great pic of Rhoads. Double necklace and one is a dogtag. Great post Caroline. Loved the pictures and the weekend!