Monday, June 28, 2010

Brother from another Mother

Before you begin to judge the title of this post let me explain. Nick has quite a few siblings (2 full, 3 half, and 3 step). One of his half brothers got married in San Diego over Memorial Day weekend. In the program for the wedding under Nick's name it said "brother from another mother." At first I wasn't sure what to think and then I just embraced and laughed. :)

This was my first trip to California and it was fabulous. A list a few of my favorite things (in no particular order).

-The place we stayed...cute little retro hotel on the coast.
-My hubby, the groomsman

-The Bride and Groom

-My hubby being so supportive of his brother

-The Father of the Bride changing into shorts for the reception
-Our car for the fun!!! (free upgrade)

-Date night at the Gaslamp District (downtown SD)
-La Jolla Beach...beach time is like therapy for me
-Lots of fun walks and meals on the coast
-Watching the sunset on the coast
-Driving around beautiful San Diego
Our trip was wonderful! We had so much fun exploring San Diego. The wedding was an event to remember for sure! It was a short trip, but definitely worth it!

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